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There are a ton of myths, mistakes, and misunderstandings about Housebreaking and Potty Training floating around the internet! Some of these are wrong, while still having a kernel of truth to them; others are just bizarre and nonsensical 


Our Method Has Worked For Over 20 Years.


Here is an Outline of Our Program


1. We’ll Teach You The The Real Reason The Dog or Puppy is Using Your Home as a Toilet and How to Stop Doing That That Immediately!

2. We’ll Show You The Triangle Method of Potty Training Which Incorporates Timing, Structure, And Direct Supervision

3. We’ll Teach Your Dog to “Potty On Command” and How to Inspire Him/Her To Do That Every Every Single Time You Use The Triangle Method

4. We’ll Also Teach You The 3-10 or-5-15 Method” This is a Game Changer, No More Standing Outside For 40 Minutes!

5. We’ll Teach Your Fur Baby to Signal You When to Go Potty (and NOT to use the Dreaded Bell System and Why.


6. We’ll Show You The Exact Foods/Treats to Use For Ultimate Success!

7. We’ll Teach You The Real Reason Not to Use Pee/Poo Pads

8. We’ll Show You Exactly How to Set up Your Space/Home/Apt up For Implementing Our Easy to Learn Methods, and We’ll Teach You How to Deal With Occasional Accidents Should They Occur.

9. We’ll Show You How To Build a Doggie/Puppy Recreational Vehicle or RV  Just in Case You Have to Leave Your Home For Long Hours. 

10. Your Included BONUS: Downloadable and Printable Online Tools, and a Cheat Sheet to Success of What We Taught You. You’ll Receive That After Our First SessionsTogether


  A Proven Blueprint Is Waiting For You Today!

Let us coach you and show you how to update your dog’s software and hidden intelligence. We will find the weak spots in your current structure and show you a housebreaking and potty training method that works! 

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