Fearful and aggressive behavior will not go away on its own. The dog will not grow out of it. Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the problems will increase. Fear and aggression cannot be “punished” out of the dog. In fact, punishment can make things much worse.

Exceptional Canines has excellent training and counter-conditioning protocols that can help rehabilitate dogs with aggression, fear, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety and shyness. We use modern training, management, desensitization and classical counter-conditioning techniques that are highly effective and give lasting results.  We can help with:


“Booker is our first family dog and he is so cute, but had some issues with obedience and biting. My husband had a talk with me about possibly getting rid of our dog because of his behaviors, but I didn’t want to give up that easily on him. We had previously done training at a local pet facility, but we knew we needed to try something else that is effective! We went with the initial consultation & training with exceptional canine in- home dog training and I am so glad we did! Not only is it one-on-one training, it was done right in our home! Our dog trainer Ingo did a phenomenal job on explaining the behaviors of our dog and how to correct them. He was very informative & professional. I found Ingo online, read his awesome reviews & we knew we had to give our dog a chance. We were desperate! If you are looking for someone to help you with your dog’s needs, I highly recommend Ingo and his services! After just one visit, I saw results right away! I feel at ease after our one visit. It’s worth it!”

“We would like to thank Ingo for the amazing job he did helping us with our St Bernard puppy. E went through his puppy program and it was worth every penny. He was always available in between visits and provided quick and helpful tips and techniques. He even went above and beyond when our 100lb “puppy” decided to get playful with her powerful mouth. I was covered in bruises and wasn’t sure what we were going to do. Ingo made a special trip over to our house and within an hour he had her responding to a new collar. That was 2 weeks ago and since then she has been our sweet girl and I even walk her every day over 2 miles and I’m constantly getting compliments on how well we walk. We have even taken what we learned and have taught our older dogs New tricks!

I highly recommend Ingo for any stage your dog is in. But I especially would use his training for a puppy and set them up for success right from the start. Thank you Ingo for giving us an amazing dog!”

“We chose the puppy training for our 14 week old mini-doodle, Rizzo. We had our first session with Ingo a few days ago and the amount of quality information we received was impressive. We have had several dogs in the past and have had trainers, so we felt like we had a grasp on what we should be doing. But Ingo showed us how much WE need to be trained to better train our dog. 😊 So thankful to have met Igno and the opportunity to learn from him. He has a calm and patient way about him that puts everyone at ease. We have worked with Rizzo for the last few days and with Ingo’s tips and guidance, we can already see improvement. I would recommend Igno’s in home service because it puts you in your environment and it helped us see a few easy changes we could make to help Rizzo be more successful. We look forward to working with Igno for the next few months! Very thankful!”

“Having had several furry companions the last 60 years, I believe there is no substitute for the joy a well disciplined dog (and owner!) can have. It can be a special relationship. But I’ve also learned the hard way that dogs that “act out” aren’t giving us their best. They often do so when they don’t know what to do. Ironically, that is stressful for them and for us! Ingo understands that a lifelong, happy companionship begins best when owner and dog have learned how to communicate effectively and lovingly. In a simple consultation I had with Ingo a few weeks ago, it was clear that he is great at helping owners learn how to establish that trust, command and control. Both dog and owner are then happy! Not only can he help you and your pet, he practices what he teaches. Just ask him to show you a video of the relationship he has with his own pup! If you’re an owner that is willing to learn, so will your pup. He knows how to help! He gets results and is fun to work with. Worth every penny!”

“My first choice & my only choice to recommend for someone choosing training with their dog. I reached out to Exceptional Canines and got a reply from Ingo pretty immediate which was so convenient. The way Ingo works with both me & my dog to better our lives is wonderful. Even after the first consultation appointment I realized this is going to quite literally SAVE MY LIFE training my current fluffy girl to be my psychiatric service dog. Ingo carefully evaluated and was honest about what expectations are. Did not sugar coat things and made sure he was diligent with the work he did even during the consult. It’s amazing my dog is totally different after TWO hours of work. I can’t even imagine the wonders this will do after 6 months. Thank you so much for doing this. I will for sure make everything possible to use THIS COMPANY for my training. It’s worth the money especially for me situation having both Autism & Bipolar can be debilitating, but I can honestly say this will change my life for the absolute better. It will change my dogs to because she was INSTANTLY HAPPY with her new techniques. It was so cute. She thanked him and wanted to see him out when he left. Can’t wait to better her life & mine.”

“I reached out to exceptional canines after my Doberman Pincher puppy would not stop biting me. I know puppies bite but this was out of control. Ingo came to the house and within two visits Ranger was no longer biting. I love that they come to the house so the training is conducted in the environment that the puppy/dog lives in. Ranger learned all the basic commands and was easily house broken. I was very frustrated with my puppy and thought about giving him away. Ingo helped me manage his behavior and repaired the relationship. I Would highly recommend ExceptionalCanines for all your training needs.”


 Exceptional Canines certified in-home dog trainers specialize in dog training, puppy training, aggressive dog training and behavior change in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities like, Care Free, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Peoria, Buckeye, Surprise, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Avondale. We also service the Northern Arizona areas of  Prescott, Prescott Ridge, Cottonwood, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Camp Verde, Sedona.


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