This is Like Doing Emergency Surgery
When You Have To Have a Change in Behaviors Fast!

Home Intervention


Is a concentrated, focused boot camp designed to bring about significant behavior changes in a short span of time. This approach aims to achieve maximum results within a compressed time frame.

“Intervention in Your Home” is one of our most requested services.


By taking a comprehensive and immersive approach to address behavioral issues, build a strong foundation of trust and respect, and establish new routines and communication methods. This intensive method can be particularly beneficial for dog owners who are committed to actively participating in the training process and are looking for quick and impactful results. 


Keep in mind that this approach might not suit every dog or owner, as different dogs have varying personalities, learning curves, and comfort levels. However, for those who are dedicated and looking for an accelerated way to address behavioral issues and create a positive and harmonious relationship with their dogs, an intervention program like this can be highly effective. See our outline below.



Philosophy of Trust, Respect, and Love: Exceptional Canines in home dog training emphasizes a compassionate, holistic and empathetic approach to dog training, focusing on the emotional well-being of both dogs and humans. Our philosophy aims to build a strong bond for those at each end of the leash, which forms the foundation for effective training and behavior modification.


Focus on Dog Psychology: Similar to our earlier description, our focus on dog psychology highlights our understanding that addressing the emotional and psychological state of a dog is essential for achieving long-lasting behavior change.


Addressing Underlying Issues: Rather than simply suppressing unwanted behavior, Exceptional Canine seeks to uncover the root causes of such behavior. This approach recognizes that even well-trained dogs can exhibit problematic behavior due to underlying issues like anxiety, aggression, or insecurity.


Proven Success: The mention of our protocols and proven track record and reviews in dealing with various issues, ranging from severe anxiety to red-zone aggression, reinforces our experience and expertise in handling a wide range of behavioral challenges.


Specialized Training Programs: Our training programs are designed with individual dog needs in mind. This tailored approach acknowledges that each dog is unique, based on bread, stages of development, drive, temperament, sociability, drive and requires a personalized strategy for effective training.


In Home Dog Behavior Intervention Program: This is a standout offering and most requested program from us here at Exceptional Canines. The program spans 3-4 consecutive five-hour days, making it a comprehensive and immersive experience. It’s clear that this program is designed for dog owners who are committed to being actively involved in the training process and need to see some changes in less time.


Collaborative Approach: The program involves active participation from both the dog owner and the trainer, Ingo. This collaborative effort suggests that you, the dog’s owner gain valuable insights and knowledge during the process, which can have a profound impact on your relationship with your dog.


New Foundation and Relationship: The program’s goal of creating a new foundation and relationship speaks to the transformative nature of our approach. By establishing new structures, routines, activities, and communication methods, the program aims to set the stage for a more positive and harmonious life for both the dog and you the owner.


If you resonate with this approach and are seeking an in-depth and hands-on training experience that addresses behavioral issues at their core, Exceptional Canine’s In Home Dog Behavior Intervention Program is viable and very promising option. However, as always, it’s essential to thoroughly research and communicate with our team to ensure that our methods align with your values and goals for your dog’s training and well-being.


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