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We’ll Teach Your Dog to Have The Best Manners and Obedience In Town! 


Effective Dog Training Methods That Work  

Results in 24 Hours or Less! 

 Certified Dog Behaviorist, 
Trainer, and Nutritionist.

Training is convenient because sessions are in your home, and effective because training takes place where the problem behaviors occur.
Ingo can help with behavior issues ranging from puppy mouthing, potty training, destructive behavior, how to stop problem barking in the home or on-leash, reactivity and aggression, fear and shyness, or basic manners training and obedience. Inquire about how Exceptional Canines can help you with your dog training needs today!

  Behaviors We Change, Problems We Solve, Commands We Teach and More

Puppy Biting and Nipping
Potty Training All Ages
Jumping on Visitors
Separation Anxiety


Resource Guarding
Leash Reactivity/Manners Shyness and Fear Issues Advanced Obedience Under Distractions

Stay, Sit, Down, Come,
Barking Excessively
Doorbell Excitement/Impulse 
Take It, Leave it, Drop it!


Crate Training, Go To Your Crate!
Come When Called…Now!
Counter Surfing
Dog Aggression


Unrehearsed Cell Phone 

Video After I Brought My Dog Up From Going Potty.



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