Did You Know That Your Dog's Diet Actually Speaks to His/Her Cells! The New Science Of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health Is Finally Here!


It’s probably the most common New Year’s resolution: Lose weight. Turns out, that’s one of the best resolutions we can make for our dogs, too. While most human resolutions fail by February, “If you want more time with your pets, it’s so critical to keep them trim” Also, did you know that your dogs food affects mood and it also affects behavior change! Changing to the right foods for your breed will have a huge effect on behavior changes you may be looking for from your dog.

Nutrigenomics is the new science of how diet affects gene expression at the cellular level, creating vibrant health or chronic disease. Optimum health begins in the cells.  Let’s do a nutrition consultation today! I will teach you how we can achieve maximum health, longevity, and happiness for you and your dog. 

Many of my dog parent clients find longed-for hope when I teach them how they have the power to prevent, improve and even resolve many serious canine health conditions. Understanding nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics‘ and its effects on the genome is the first step,  I offer sensible solutions for health on cancer, arthritis, aging, weight control, behavior change and much more when it comes to your 4 legged best friend/s. 

Did you know there are 10 canine functional superfoods that can change your dog’s health and longevity?  In our session, I’ll tell you what they are and HOW they can supercharge your dogs health by optimizing his/her gene expression as it relates to a long and healthy disease free life.

Learn How To Help Your Dog Live a Long Healthy Life!

The Three Keys to easily creating a foundation
diet for your dog based on the principles of nutrigenomics.
How to use functional ingredients to treat, manage and even reverse a wide variety of chronic canine health conditions.
I will include The 10 canine functional superfoods and how they can supercharge your dog's health by optimizing his/her gene expression for optimal health, wellness and behavior change.

What Do You and Your Dog Get
in a Dog Nutrigenomic Nutrition Longevity Consult?

So many of my clients over the years have asked me specific questions regarding their pet’s diet and treats What is the best food, dry? Wet? Both? Raw? The questions go on and on. I always say diet needs to be based on individual breeds, goals and lifestyle situations

We have found animal caregivers and pet parents want to find the highest quality food they know is the healthiest option for their puppy and adult dog. People are tired of all the pet food recalls and not knowing where the food is manufactured or what exactly is their dogs food. But they are not sure where to start. 

I will help you sift through all the information on the web and ensure your puppy or adult has the best and safest diet possible and how to safely transition them into their new lifestyle and diet changes.


A 55 or 90 -minute one-on-one basic nutrition consult review:

We Can do it via Zoom or At Your Home

1. Pet’s current diet, exercise and food log

2. Basic dog health history, behavior concerns, and challenges.

3. Find out about the 10 canine superfoods to optimize your dogs health and gene expression for longevity
4. Review alternative food options including raw, supplements, and healthy organic treats After our session, you will be given a suggested and customized healthy menu of options to feed your pup based on their breed, age, health and specific needs.

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