Do You Want Your Dog or Puppy To Stop Using Your House as Their Personal Toilet?

“We Have The Answers! 


  • Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your furry family member’s bathroom breaks? 🐾 Ready for a potty training program that’s as foolproof as a cat’s disinterest in your new furniture? Look no further, my friend!
  • Introducing our “Potty Training Masterclass,” where we’re about to unveil a blueprint that’s so simple, even your goldfish could follow it (if they had legs, of course). 🐟
  • No more guessing games, no more cleaning up unexpected surprises – just straightforward guidance on what to say and do to transform your beloved pet into a potty pro.
  • Picture this: Your furball learns to do their business exactly where you want them to, when you want them to. It’s like having a canine commode command! 🚽
  • So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to those unexpected surprises and hello to a home that smells like roses (or at least not like a litter box), stick around. We’ve got the wisdom, the wit, and the “wag” to make this happen
  • Reach out below for more details on our surefire potty training program and say cheers to a future with cleaner carpets,

Introducing Our 3/10 I.O.U Master Class!

In just minutes we’ll give you a simple, easy, practical blueprint that is easy to follow and implement. One that tells you *exactly* what to say and do so your furry family member can successfully learn how to pee and poop where you want them to, not where they do. And, to do it on command!

Your Dog Or Puppy Will Be Potty Trained In Two Weeks or Less Guaranteed!

“If you stick to our foolproof plan and keep yourself and us in check by staying accountable, we practically guarantee our program will work like a charm.


Check out the outline below if you’re into the techie side of things. But if you’re not, just hit us up via our contact form, and we’ll lay out the step-by-step roadmap for you, starting right now!


As a bonus, you’ll receive our Cheat Sheets for ‘Fast and Fur-ious: House Training Your Pup in 2 Weeks or Less.’ It’s like a golden ticket to a cleaner home and a happier dog!” 





Here’s the Outline

Hire Us Today! This Training Is Available Online or In Person

Reach Out Now Via Our Form Below and we’ll be in touch!

Step 1: it’s time to crack the code: Why does your furry friend turn your home, your rug, or the mysterious space behind your couch into their personal restroom, and how to swiftly put a stop to this unexpected phenomenon. Brace yourselves, as we’re about to gift their canine noggin with a software upgrade that will have them clamoring to step out for a nature call! 🐶💡🏡

Step 2:  In the very first hour or so of our session…we’ll transform your furry friend into the Einstein of canine lavatorial etiquette! Watch in awe as we teach your pup the art of “Potty on Command.” With the magic of the Triangle Method, your four-legged companion will soon become a bathroom virtuoso, performing their duty flawlessly every single time. 

Step 3:  Results! In just 72 hours, prepare to be dazzled by your canine companion’s newfound potty prowess! It’s like giving your furry friend a software upgrade for their bathroom etiquette. We sprinkle a dash of Las Vegas psychology and three special commands and structures that are more reliable than a slot machine—bet on your pup’s success every time! 🎰🐾

By contacting me here on this page you agree to that we can reach out to you via, zoom, text or a phone call so we can talk about your goals and the questionnaire you filled out. Your info is safe and never sold or used for marketing purposes or anything else!

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