Fear and Aggression Programs and Protocols

Fearful, Non Confident Dogs Will Not Automatically Change or Just Change Over Time

More than 70% of dogs display anxiety. In the recent study, first author Milla Salonen and her colleagues analyzed the behaviors that 13,715 pet dogs from Finland — belonging to 264 different breeds — exhibited. Mar 10, 2020 dogs suffer from persistent, unsupportable fears, lack of confidence obsessive-compulsive disorders, and phobias at levels that are deemed clinically maladaptive. This condition often gives cause to separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms or loud, man-made noises, tail chasing, and imaginary fly snapping. Without proper treatment, these conditions become more intense as the dog ages, causing the dog to become increasingly fearful and reactive.

Aggressive Dogs

Dog aggression is the number one reason why dogs are re-homed or euthanized in America. Dog attack cases to humans and dogs are the result of competitive aggression (food or object acquisition or defense), or non-competitive aggression (territorial or self-defense). There are many causes of competitive aggression, but typically, it is rooted in bad decision making on the part of the dog owner and a lack of proper training. Self-defense aggression, however, often finds its beginning in the dog’s genetics which predisposes it, as it matures, to develop an unwarranted fear of humans and dogs outside the family. When this type of dog encounters a perceived threat, it frequently uses aggression, rather than flight, as a defense.


We Specialize In:


  • Muzzle Training.
  • Dog on Dog Aggression.
  • Separation Anxiety Issues.
  • General Fears and Mental Confusion 
  • Leash Aggression.
  • Aggression Against Humans.
  • Lack of Confidence Issues
  • Over Protective, Resource Guarding of Objects, Food, Beds, Places, You
  • Dogs Will Guard Humans Like You! (Dogs do guard their owners from time to time)  We Can Help!

Aggressive Dog Training & Fearful Dog Training

Working through canine aggression isn’t easy, but you can conquer it in most cases through positive, ongoing training with dedication and patience.

Fearful and aggressive behaviors just “don’t go away on there own”. The dog will not grow out of it. Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the problems will increase. Fear and aggression cannot be “punished” out of the dog. In fact, punishment can make things much worse.

We take the time to understand each dog and owner’s unique needs, and develop a real-world training program to help them meet their goals. We work with you to teach you how to understand the dog that you have. Whether we’re your first choice or a last resort, The Exceptional Canines method will help you build a relaxed, trusting relationship with your pup.

Exceptional Canines In- Home Dog Training has excellent training and counter-conditioning programs, training and protocols, give us a call today or fill out the online form below for a free consultation. 


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