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Every day, we have the privilege of being a part of something greater than ourselves. Our mission is to offer inspiration to dog parents in need, to empower our customers in transforming their relationships with their beloved canine companions, and to educate dog owners in the art of understanding and communicating with their furry friends.


Our ultimate objective is to foster a profound connection between dogs and their owners. This is the very essence of why we do what we do – work that not only changes lives but also provides a wellspring of inspiration. What more could we possibly desire?


Exceptional Canines In Home Dog Training is dedicated to providing experiential, in-home canine education and services. Our goal is to enhance the human-canine relationship, offering inspiration to all, from passionate pet enthusiasts to dedicated pet owners.


Our goal is to help position each team member in a role that plays to their strengths, that sets them up to shine…to win. Know yourself well enough to know what you do well, and just as importantly, what you don’t.


Our team openly works together to create remarkable experiences that positively impacts lives. Everyone on the team is responsible for bringing new ideas, perspectives and solutions to the table. Starting with day one, we want your voice as part of the conversation.


We are leaning in hard and really like working with each other. There are no hot-heads and no work that is beneath anyone. We don’t gossip either. We hand our negatives up and our positives laterally or down.


Exceptional Canines: Where Dogs and Dreamers Unite. We’re all about unleashing the potential of your four-legged companions and the humans who adore them. Our tribe of enthusiastic dog enthusiasts seeks kindred spirits to join our pack.


Our realm offers thrilling adventures that’ll test your mettle, hone your expertise, and sprinkle treats on your achievements. Our Leadership Team is like a gourmet chef for personal and professional development. If you’re ready to join our ever-expanding, tail-wagging family, bark at us now!”

Qualifications For In Home Board and Train Independant Contractor


  • We need someone that is highly driven to establish professional relationships and be successful
  • Must reside in or around the Phoenix area
  • Must be able to board at least 2 dogs at your residence for 14 days at a time
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must have a smartphone
  • Must have knowledge with Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.
  • The right person can easily earn $50-70K/year (or more) working part time from home, a lot of flexibility, and doing something you love!

Current Openings:

FIRST IMPRESSIONS FACILITATOR:   Contact Us Here Below For The 411 

  • Professional Dog Trainer/General Manager


  • Mentorship/Internship (You love dogs but don’t know where to start) We want you!


  • In Home and Board and Train! Want some extra money? We will train you, but if you have experience that goes along way!


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Lets Play 20 Questions!

How Would You Answer?


  • Can you describe your background and experience in dog training? What certifications or qualifications do you hold?


  • What training methods and techniques do you primarily use, and why?


  • How do you assess a dog’s behavior and training needs during the initial evaluation?


  • Can you share an example of a particularly challenging dog training case you’ve handled successfully? What was the issue, and how did you address it?


  • How do you tailor your training approach to suit the individual needs and personality of each dog?


  • What is your opinion on positive reinforcement training? Can you provide examples of how you implement it in your training sessions?


  • How do you handle aggressive or fearful dogs during training? Can you share strategies for making progress with these types of cases?


  • What role do the dog owners play in the training process, and how do you communicate with them effectively?


  • Have you ever encountered a situation where a dog’s behavior did not improve despite your efforts? How did you handle it?


  • How do you stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in dog training techniques and methods?


  • Can you explain the importance of consistency in dog training, and how do you ensure it is maintained throughout the training process?


  • What is your approach to addressing common behavioral issues like excessive barking, leash pulling, or separation anxiety?


  • How do you manage and prioritize your training schedule when dealing with multiple clients and their dogs simultaneously?


  • Can you provide examples of training success stories where both the dog and the owner were satisfied with the results?


  • How do you handle emergencies or unexpected situations during a training session, such as a dog becoming aggressive or injured?


  • What do you believe is the key to building trust and rapport with dogs and their owners during training?


  • How do you educate dog owners on maintaining and reinforcing the training once your sessions are complete?


  • Are you familiar with any breed-specific behavioral traits or challenges? How do you adjust your training methods accordingly?


  • What do you enjoy most about dog training, and what motivates you in this profession?


  • Finally, can you provide references or contact information for past clients who can speak to your effectiveness as a dog trainer?


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