How To Begin to Restore Confidence in Shy Dogs
The Touch Game!


Touch Targeting: Uniting Fido and Fist


Training your four-legged friend to touch their nose to your hand may sound fancy, but it’s straightforward, effective, and handy in many situations. Plus, it’s a win-win for both of you. Here’s the lowdown with a sprinkle of wit:

Why Touch Targeting Rocks:


  • Friendly Feels: Turn your touch-sensitive or hand-shy pup into a petting pro. Say goodbye to avoiding cuddles!
  • Attention Intervention: Get your reactive dog to break that laser-like focus and look to you for guidance. No more chasing squirrels!
  • Buddy System: Build a stronger bond with that antisocial pooch. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Human Appreciation: Even the most stubborn dogs can learn to work with their two-legged companions. It’s a win-win!


Step-By-Step Instructions


Start Calm: Find a quiet, low-distraction spot. Hold a tasty treat in a closed fist, and excitedly say “touch” as you present your hand. When your pup’s nose makes contact, cheerily exclaim “yes” and reveal the treasure. Repeat this magic move a few times.


Hand Switcheroo: Swap the treat to your other hand, offering the empty, open hand under your pup’s chin. They’ll follow their nose to your hand just like before. Celebrate with a “yes” and treat from the other hand. For extra wiggly ones, start by tossing the treat on the floor and practice this.


Mix it Up: Vary where you present your open hand. Your pup’s a pro by now!


Distraction Challenge: Try this in different environments with gradually increasing distractions. Aim for 5 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Oh, and we love seeing your progress—send us videos from your cell phone for proof of your training success.


With time and practice, your pup will be a touch-targeting superstar, and you two will have a new secret handshake (or nose-shake)! 🐾🤝


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